Family Dentistry in Deerfield, IL.

No matter what your dental needs may be, Burns Family Dentistry located in Deerfield is ready to provide you with the exceptional service and results you deserve.

We can provide you and your family with a beautiful smile, no matter how much dental work is needed. If you have neglected to see the dentist for any reason, we can help you. We perform all types of general dentistry and cosmetic dentistry procedures. Many of our guests also take advantage of our sedation dentistry option so that they can be completely calm and relaxed during their dental appointment.

At the Burns Family Dentistry, we offer a full range of dental services for the entire family. Our team will extend a friendly greeting and make sure you feel at home. Our offices are family friendly and comfortable. You’ll notice the difference once you walk into our office!

The doctors at Burns Family Dentistry have extensive training and experience in many areas of dentistry including pediatric, preventive, cosmetic, restorative, emergency, and sleep.  We’re dedicated to maximizing the health and beauty of your family’s smile, and we use the most advanced dental technology available. Modern dentistry is much more comfortable, and offers many more options than dentistry has in the past.

The Patient Experience

Your first visit to Burns Family Dentistry will be broken down into 4 components: diagnostics, evaluation, consultation, and cleaning.

  • Diagnostics – We use high definition, low radiation digital X-rays to capture images of every aspect of patients’ smiles inside and out. This allows us to diagnose and treat oral health issues in their early stages.
  • Evaluation – We thoroughly examines our patients smiles tooth-by-tooth, looking for signs of common oral health issues, including tooth decay, gum disease, bruxism (teeth grinding and clenching), temporomandibular joint (TMJ) dysfunction, and oral cancer.
  • Consultation – We will combine all of the information gathered from our diagnostics and evaluation and engage in a discussion with you to determine the course of treatment that best compliments your dental needs. This one-on-one dental consultation is designed to work in partnership with our patients to develop a personalized treatment plan to keep their smiles whole and healthy.
  • Cleaning – The dentist will then thoroughly clean your teeth, removing bacteria, plaque, and tartar from even the most difficult to access areas.

Recall appointments occur at 3, 4 or 6 month intervals depending on how frequently your teeth need to be cleaned.  These recall appointments consist of routine checkups cleanings.  One of our experienced hygienists will perform your cleaning and then your doctor will perform the evaluation.  Seeing our patients regularly allows allows for preservation of optimal oral health and allows us to recognize any potential oral health concerns in the early stages.

Discover the difference for yourself at Burns Family Dentistry. You will understand why people are willing to drive from all over the north shore to experience dentistry with us. Please call and schedule a complimentary consultation with us today at (847) 291-0888.